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Youth Initiative Energy & Environment Program  

Sparking An Interest In Science Education

There is a sense of urgency for change regarding environmental issues in the United States and abroad.  However, for change to occur, tomorrow’s scientists and engineers (today’s youth) need to be educated in areas such as science and engineering.  Unfortunately, American youth are not adequately educated in these areas, which are critical to environmental science.  The DW Communications & Media’s Youth Initiative Energy & Environment Program (DW) was founded to remedy this situation. 

Specifically, the mission of the DW is to increase awareness and understanding of energy and the environment in our nation’s youth through the use of innovative education and communication strategies.  We are currently working with schools and communities to expose young people to careers in one of three fields: engineering, science and media.  The program’s cornerstone is a specially tailored curriculum, field presentations & hands-on and other activities, workshops, field trips and job shadowing opportunities which all allow our students to receive personal exposure to their field of interest. 

Our program brings young people the world of sound environmental practices, alternative energy resources, and various areas within the fields of engineering, science and the arena of media production.   Our aim at DW is to expose each student to the sciences, to enhance their environmental awareness, to teach them to become proactive regarding environmental issues, and to enlighten them on career alternatives and higher education options. Our core value mirrors those of all education – to better prepare students for their futures in the workplace. 

In DW’s focus area of the environment, we feel that students need to learn about: 1) the heavy environmental challenges that currently face our planet which are rapidly increasing; 2) the impact of current technology on those challenges; and, 3) the need for improvement of current technology using research and development to meet those challenges.